Template:List of Anadol ModelsThe Anadol was manufactured by Otosan Otomobil Sanayii in Istanbul between 1966 and 1986 and was Turkey's first production car.

It was originally powered by a Ford 1200 cc engine, increasing to 1300 cc in 1969 with an optional 1600 cc version from 1974 and was designed by the British Reliant company with styling by Ogle Design. The 5 seat body was built from glass fibre on a separate chassis and was originally only available as a coupé but in 1974 was joined by a saloon (sedan) and an estate version. The coupé, later known as the STC-16, was discontinued in 1978.

The Anadol was discontinued in 1986 when the factory turned to making a version of the Ford Taunus.


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