Template:Unreferenced Template:Infobox motorsport championship The Template:Nihongo, abbreviated as JSPC, formed by the Japanese Automobile Federation, was a domestic championship which took place in Japan for Group C and IMSA GTP prototype cars and also featured cars that were eligible for touring car racing in its earlier years. Class A and Class B for production cars which were defined by the FIA (Group A and Group B) and the lead category, Class C would be for cars that are similar to IMSA's Camel Lights and the WEC's C2, whereas Class D was for C1/GTP cars.

The series began in 1983 as All Japan Endurance Championship, an endurance championship with an intention to replace its domestic touring car championship and started out as a three round event, including one which as it was part of the WEC round which meant drivers competing in the national series was counted into the world championship. In 1987, the championship would be broken up into two as production cars from the lower categories would be moved into the All Japan Touring Car Championship (now Super GT) formed two years earlier to become a dedicated championship and was renamed the All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship.

The series was noted throughout its ten year run for battles between the various Porsche 956/962C and Japanese manufacturers presented by works teams of Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. Due to waning popularity and seeking to prevent the spiraling budgets and the disappearance of Gr. C and IMSA GTP, the JAF would dissolve the series at the end of 1992 and for the following year replace the series with the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship. This was not to be the end for Group C cars as they would be allowed to compete in the newly formed series for two more years before being banished altogether.

Major sportscar racing in Japan would return again in 2006 with the Japan Le Mans Challenge.


962 Advan

The Yokohama Advan Porsche 962C which won the championship three times.

  Winning Driver(s)
Winning Manufacturer
1983 25px-AustraliaFLAG Vern Schuppan
Flag of Germany Porsche
1984 Flag-of-japansmall Naoki Nagasaka
Flag of Germany Lotec-BMW
1985 Flag-of-japansmall Kunimitsu Takahashi
Flag of Germany Porsche
1986 Flag-of-japansmall Kunimitsu Takahashi
Flag of Germany Porsche
1987 Flag-of-japansmall Kunimitsu Takahashi
Flag of Germany Porsche
1988 Flag-of-japansmall Hideki Okada
Flag of Germany Porsche
1989 Flag-of-japansmall Kunimitsu Takahashi
Flag of Germany Porsche
1990 Flag-of-japansmall Masahiro Hasemi
Flag-of-japansmall Nissan
1991 Flag-of-japansmall Kazuyoshi Hoshino
Flag-of-japansmall Nissan
1992 C Class C1 Class
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Geoff Lees Flag-of-japansmall Kazuyoshi Hoshino
Flag-of-japansmall Toyota Flag-of-japansmall Nissan

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