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Template:Nihongo, also known as Japanese Formula Three, is a national motor racing championship that takes place in Japan. It is a junior-level feeder formula that uses small single seater Formula Three chassis.

It is one of the four major Formula Three championships that guarantee the winner an FIA Super Licence.[1]


The first Formula Three championship to take place in Japan was held by Nippon Formula 3 Association (Japanese Formula 3 Association) in 1979, which was won by Toshio Suzuki. By 1981, it had evolved into a national-level series, the Japanese Championship, and was organised by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).

Foreign drivers' participation has increased since the 1980s and the majority of champions have been foreign since the beginning of the 1990s.

Since 2008 a two-tier championship system was adopted as a bid to increase driver and team participation. The "Championship" class was open to cars conforming to the current three-year cycle, whilst the lower tier "National" class was open to cars meeting the previous three-year cycle and using the spec Toyota engine.


2010 All-Japan Formula 3 Championship Motegi round (May) formation lap

All competitors in the championship use Dallara chassis, as of 2010.

Like most Formula Three championships, competitors in the Japanese Championship are permitted to use any eligible chassis.

  • Chassis:
    Only Dallara chassis have been used since 2007. In the past, March, Reynard, Ralt, and Japanese manufacturers like TOM'S and Dome also had supplied chassis.
  • Tyres:
    Hankook will supply tyres in 2009 as the series' sole supplier.[2] Bridgestone, Dunlop and Yokohama had supplied tyres until 1987. In 1988, Bridgestone took place of the series' sole tyre supplier and supplied until 2008.


SeasonChampionTeam ChampionNational Class Champion
1979 Flag-of-japansmall Toshio Suzuki Flag-of-japansmall Heroes Racing
1980 Flag-of-japansmall Shuroko Sasaki Flag-of-japansmall Gallop Racing
1981 Flag-of-japansmall Osamu Nakako Flag-of-japansmall Hayashi Racing
1982 Flag-of-japansmall Kengo Nakamoto Flag-of-japansmall Hayashi Racing
1983 Flag-of-japansmall Yoshimasa Fujiwara Flag-of-japansmall Umeda Racing
1984 Flag-of-japansmall Shuji Hyoudo Flag-of-japansmall Hayashi Racing
1985 Flag-of-japansmall Koji Sato Flag-of-japansmall Le Garage Cox Racing
1986 Flag-of-japansmall Akio Morimoto Flag-of-japansmall LeMans Company
1987 USAflagsmall Ross Cheever Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1988 Flag-of-japansmall Akihiko Nakaya Flag-of-japansmall Le Garage Cox Racing
1989 Flag-of-japansmall Masahiko Kageyama Flag-of-japansmall Leyton House Racing
1990 Flag-of-japansmall Naoki Hattori Flag-of-japansmall Le Garage Cox Racing
1991 25px-Brazilflag Paulo Carcasci Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1992 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Anthony Reid Flag-of-japansmall Tomei Sport
1993 22px-Flag of Denmark Tom Kristensen Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1994 Flag of Germany Michael Krumm Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1995 22px-Flag of Spain Pedro de la Rosa Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1996 Flag-of-japansmall Juichi Wakisaka Flag-of-japansmall Nakajima Racing
1997 22px-Flag of the Netherlands Tom Coronel Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1998 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Peter Dumbreck Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
1999 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Darren Manning Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
2000 22px-Flag of France Sébastien Philippe Flag-of-japansmall Mugen Dome Project
2001 22px-Flag of France Benoît Tréluyer Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
2002 Flag-of-japansmall Takashi Kogure Flag-of-japansmall Dome Racing Team
2003 25px-AustraliaFLAG James Courtney Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
2004 22px-Flag of Italy Ronnie Quintarelli Flag-of-japansmall Inging
2005 25px-Brazilflag João Paulo de Oliveira Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
2006 Flag of Germany Adrian Sutil Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
2007 Flag-of-japansmall Kazuya Oshima Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S
2008 22px-Flag of the Netherlands Carlo van Dam Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S Flag-of-japansmall Hideki Yamauchi
2009 22px-Flag of Sweden Marcus Ericsson Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S Flag-of-japansmall Naoki Yamamoto
2010 Flag-of-japansmall Yuji Kunimoto Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S Flag-of-japansmall Takashi Kobayashi
2011 Flag-of-japansmall Yuhi Sekiguchi Flag-of-japansmall ThreeBond Racing Flag-of-japansmall Katsumasa Chiyo
2012 Flag-of-japansmall Ryo Hirakawa Flag-of-japansmall RSS Flag-of-japansmall Daiki Sasaki
2013 Flag-of-japansmall Yuichi Nakayama Flag-of-japansmall TOM'S Flag-of-japansmall Mitsunori Takaboshi


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