2009 TC 2000 season
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The 2009 TC 2000 season was the 31st Turismo Competicion 2000 season. It began on April 5 and ended on November 29 after 12 races. José María López won his second successive title for Equipo Petrobras.

Teams and driversEdit

Team Car No Drivers Notes
Equipo Petrobras Honda New Civic 1 25px-ARGENntina José María López
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Anthony Reid Endurance Series races only
2 25px-ARGENntina Juan Manuel Silva
25px-Brazilflag Cacá Bueno Endurance Series races only
36 25px-ARGENntina Leonel Pernía
25px-ARGENntina Agustín Canapino Endurance Series races only
Chevrolet Elaion Chevrolet Vectra 3 25px-ARGENntina Guillermo Ortelli
20px-Flag of Switzerland Alain Menu Endurance Series races only
4 25px-ARGENntina Christian Ledesma
22px-Flag of Uruguay.svg Juan Ignácio Cáceres Endurance Series Termas de Río Hondo race only
25px-ARGENntina José Ciantini Endurance Series races only
Renault Lo Jack Team Renault Mégane II 5 25px-ARGENntina Matías Rossi
25px-Brazilflag Thiago Camilo Endurance Series races only
6 25px-ARGENntina Néstor Girolami
25px-ARGENntina Esteban Guerrieri Endurance Series races only
Ford-YPF Ford Focus 7 25px-ARGENntina Martín Basso
25px-ARGENntina Lionel Ugalde Endurance Series races only
8 25px-ARGENntina Gabriel Ponce de León
25px-Brazilflag Daniel Serra Endurance Series races only
Toyota Team Argentina Toyota Corolla 9 25px-ARGENntina Norberto Fontana
25px-Brazilflag Ricardo Maurício Endurance Series races only
10 25px-ARGENntina Mariano Werner
25px-ARGENntina Carlos Okulovich Endurance Series races only
DP-1 Team Ford Focus 11 25px-ARGENntina Luis José di Palma
25px-ARGENntina Ricardo Risatti Endurance Series races only
12 25px-ARGENntina Leandro Carducci
25px-ARGENntina Alejandro González Endurance Series races only
40 25px-ARGENntina Crispín Beitía
25px-ARGENntina Nelson García
DTA Chevrolet Astra 16 25px-ARGENntina Fabián Yannantuoni
25px-ARGENntina Fabián Flaqué Endurance Series races only
17 25px-ARGENntina Santiago Ventana
25px-ARGENntina Jorge Trebbiani Endurance Series races only
38 25px-ARGENntina Matías Muñoz Marchesi
25px-ARGENntina Gabriel Furlán Endurance Series races only
Escudería Río de la Plata Honda New Civic 18 25px-ARGENntina Bernardo Llaver
25px-ARGENntina Pablo Piumetto
19 25px-ARGENntina Fabricio Pezzini Rounds 1–4
25px-ARGENntina Marcelo Bugliotti Round 7-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Damián Fineschi Endurance Series Termas de Río Hondo race only
TBA Endurance Series races only
Basalto TTA Toyota Corolla 20 25px-ARGENntina Franco Coscia
25px-ARGENntina Rafael Morgenstern Endurance Series races only
21 25px-ARGENntina Emanuel Moriatis
25px-ARGENntina Diego Aventín Endurance Series races only
Lanus Motorsport Honda Civic 22 25px-ARGENntina Daniel Belli
25px-ARGENntina Matías Cohen Endurance Series races only
Fineschi Racing Honda Civic 24 25px-ARGENntina Damian Fineschi Rounds 1–4, 6-onwards
25px-ARGENntina German Suarez Endurance Series races only
25 25px-ARGENntina Marcelo Julián
25px-ARGENntina Julio Francischetti Endurance Series races only
42 25px-ARGENntina Néstor Riva Round 4-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Omar El Bacha Endurance Series races only
JM Motorsport Volkswagen Bora 26 25px-ARGENntina Rubén Salerno
USAflagsmall Ricky Joseph Endurance Series races only
27 25px-ARGENntina Gustavo der Ohanessian Rounds 1, 5, 7-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Gerardo Martín Rounds 2, 3, 4, 6
25px-ARGENntina Adrián Chiriano Endurance Series races only
Mendoza Motorsport Volkswagen Bora 28 25px-ARGENntina Gerardo Martín Not raced – Martín ran 4 races in JM Motorsport
BAR Competición Honda Civic 30 25px-ARGENntina José Luís Raponi Not raced
Malta Advanced Racing Team Honda New Civic 32 22px-Flag of France Carlos Banfi
25px-ARGENntina Carlos De Ley Endurance Series races only
Bainotti Racing Honda Civic 34 25px-ARGENntina Ezequiel Bosio
25px-ARGENntina Guillermo Albertengo Endurance Series races only
35 25px-ARGENntina Marcelo Bugliotti Round 1
25px-ARGENntina "Tito" Bessone Rounds 2–4
25px-ARGENntina Iván Saturni Round 5-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Diego Menendez Endurance Series races only
44 25px-ARGENntina Lucas Armellini
25px-ARGENntina Andres Rios Endurance Series races only
Fiat Pro Racing Team Fiat Linea 46 25px-ARGENntina Emiliano Spataro
25px-Brazilflag Felipe Maluhy Endurance Series races only
47 25px-ARGENntina Francisco Viel Bugliotti Rounds 1–3
25px-ARGENntina Omar Martinez Round 4-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Mariano Altuna Endurance Series races only
FP Racing Peugeot 307 48 25px-ARGENntina Esteban Tuero
25px-ARGENntina Lucas Benamo Endurance Series races only
49 25px-ARGENntina Franco Berardi Round 6-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Henry Martin Endurance Series races only
Neuquén Sport Group Volkswagen Polo 51 25px-ARGENntina Dario Delvas Round 4-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Damián Cassino Endurance Series races only
Vitelli Competición Renault Mégane II 52 25px-ARGENntina Maximiliano Baumgartner Round 4-onwards
25px-ARGENntina Ezequiel Baldinelli Endurance Series races only

Race calendar and resultsEdit

Date Race Name Track Location Event type Number of laps
April 5 25px-ARGENntina Gran Premio Casinos de Córdoba Autódromo Oscar Cabalén Alta Gracia, Córdoba Normal event
April 19 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo Parque General Roca General Roca, Río Negro Normal event
May 10 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo Ciudad de Oberá Oberá, Misiones Normal event 26
May 31 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo Jorge Ángel Pena San Martín, Mendoza Normal event 31
June 14 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero Endurance Series race 70
July 5 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo Santiago Yaco Guarnieri Resistencia, Chaco Normal event 40
August 16 25px-ARGENntina 200km de Buenos Aires Autódromo Juan y Óscar Gálvez Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Endurance Series race 38
September 6 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo Ciudad de Centenário Centenário, Neuquén Normal event
October 3 and 4 25px-ARGENntina Streets of Santa Fé Santa Fé Double-header event
October 24 and 25 25px-ARGENntina Autódromo El Zonda San Juán Double-header event
November 8 22px-Flag of Uruguay.svg Gran Premio de Punta del Este Streets of Punta del Este Punta del Este, Uruguay Normal event Cancelled
November 29 25px-ARGENntina Gran Premio Coronación Circuito Potrero de los Funes Potrero de los Funes, San Luis Endurance Series race 48

Championship standingsEdit

Position Number Driver Car Points
1 1 25px-ARGENntina José María López Honda New Civic 157
2 2 25px-ARGENntina Juan Manuel Silva Honda New Civic 127
3 36 25px-ARGENntina Leonel Pernía Honda New Civic 124
4 9 25px-ARGENntina Norberto Fontana Toyota Corolla 112
5 5 25px-ARGENntina Matías Rossi Renault Mégane II 106
6 10 25px-ARGENntina Mariano Werner Toyota Corolla 65
7 8 25px-ARGENntina Gabriel Ponce de León Ford Focus 53
8 3 25px-ARGENntina Guillermo Ortelli Chevrolet Vectra 37.5
9 21 25px-ARGENntina Emanuel Moriatis Toyota Corolla 34.5
10 47 25px-ARGENntina Omar Martínez Fiat Linea 34


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