1 2009 busch 4 20-halo-wars-gamestop

2009 #20 Halo Wars Toyota Camery

The 2009 #20 Halo Wars Toyota Camery made its debut in 2009 in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. It was the second themed Halo Themed NASCAR Race Car to be raced in any series.


The car was created in 2009 by Joe Gibbs Racing and Gamestop Motorsports. In late 2009, the car was completed and ready to be raced.

NASCAR Nationwide Series EditionEdit

In late 2009, Joey Logano drove the car in one NASCAR Nationwide Event at Bristol Motor Speedway . The car never made another apperence.

NASCAR Sprint Cup SeriesEdit

The car never appered in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event but when NASCAR: The Game: 2011 was released, many gamers re-created the car and raced it as their own.


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