1991 FIA International Formula 3000 season
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The 1991 Formula 3000 International Championship was the seventh season of Formula 3000 in Europe. Christian Fittipaldi won the championship after ten rounds.

Technical changes Edit

A major technical change for 1991 was the introduction by Avon of radial-ply tyres. Compared to the previous crossply tyres, these could be more consistently manufactured, and made the cars more consistent aerodynamically, but gave the drivers less control at high slip angles.

Lola Lola's T91/50 chassis was an evolution of the previous year’s championship-winning T90/50, and retained a very short wheelbase of 263.0 cm (103.5 in). By comparison, the Reynard 91D had a wheelbase of 277.5 cm (109.3 in).[2] The short wheelbase of the Lola was blamed for its inability to perform on the new tyres, and the Forti Corse team switched to Reynards after three rounds. The Eddie Jordan Racing team attempted to lengthen its Lolas by adding a spacer in between the engine and gearbox, but eventually it too purchased a Reynard for Damon Hill.

Season summary Edit

Alessandro Zanardi won for the new Il Barone Rampante team at the first race at Vallelunga. Jean-Marc Gounon then took Ralt’s last F3000 win at Pau. Christian Fittipaldi won at Jerez, and Zanardi won again at Mugello.

Gounon won on the road at Enna, but he was controversially adjudged to have jumped the start. The race win was given to Emanuele Naspetti, who was making his first start in a Reynard after his Forti team had switched from Lolas. Naspetti then won the following three races at Hockenheim, Brands Hatch and Spa-Francorchamps. His success was blamed in part on the exotic fuel blend provided by Agip, which would be banned the following year.

Fittipaldi’s Pacific teammate Antonio Tamburini won on the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans. In the finale at Nogaro, Fittipaldi beat title rival Zanardi for the race win and the championship.

Drivers and constructorsEdit

Team Chassis Engine Car # Driver Race weekends
22px-Flag of France DAMS Lola Mugen Honda 1 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Allan McNish All
2 22px-Flag of France Laurent Aïello All
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom GA Motorsport Ralt Ford Cosworth 3 Flag of Germany Michael Bartels 1
22px-Flag of Italy Massimo Monti 2
4 22px-Flag of Belgium (civil) Thierry Delubac 1-2
22px-Flag of Italy BFG 3000 Reynard Mugen Honda 4 22px-Flag of Italy Giovanni Bonanno 3-9
22px-Flag of Italy First Racing Reynard Ford Cosworth 5 22px-Flag of Italy Giovanni Bonanno 1
Flag of Germany Michael Bartels 2-4
6 20px-Flag of Switzerland Jean-Denis Délétraz 1-3
7 22px-Flag of France Eric Hélary 1-4
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Paul Stewart Racing Lola Mugen Honda 8 22px-Flag of Italy Marco Apicella All
9 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Paul Stewart All
22px-Flag of Italy Forti Corse Lola Ford Cosworth 11 22px-Flag of Italy Emanuele Naspetti 1-3
Reynard 4-10
Lola 12 22px-Flag of Italy Fabrizio Giovanardi 1-3
Reynard 4-10
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Eddie Jordan Racing Lola Ford Cosworth 14 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Damon Hill 1-9
Reynard 10
Lola 15 22px-Flag of Italy Vincenzo Sospiri All
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Roni Motorsport Ralt Ford Cosworth 16 25px-Mexicoflag Fernando Plata 1-5
22px-Flag of Italy Giovanni Lavaggi 6-10
17 25px-AustraliaFLAG David Brabham 1-4
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Andrew Gilbert-Scott 5-6
22px-Flag of France Apomatox Reynard Ford Cosworth 18 22px-Flag of France Paul Belmondo All
19 20px-Flag of Switzerland Andrea Chiesa 1-8
22px-Flag of France Emmanuel Collard 9-10
22px-Flag of Italy Crypton Engineering Reynard Ford Cosworth 20 22px-Flag of Italy Roberto Colciago All
21 22px-Flag of Italy Fabrizio Barbazza 1
22px-Flag of Belgium (civil) Pascal Witmeur 8
22px-Flag of France Philippe Gache 10
22 22px-Flag of Italy Giovanni Lavaggi 1-5
Flag of Germany Peter Zakowski 6-8
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom CoBRa Motorsports Reynard Ford Cosworth 23 22px-Flag of Italy Paolo Delle Piane All
24 20px-Flag of Switzerland Alain Menu 1-6
22px-Flag of France Eric Hélary 7-10
22px-Flag of Austria RSM Marko Reynard Ford Cosworth 25 22px-Flag of Austria Karl Wendlinger 3, 5-6, 8-9
22px-Flag of France Galaxy Racing Reynard Ford Cosworth 26 22px-Flag of France Philippe Gache 1-9
22px-Flag of France David Velay 10
22px-Flag of the Netherlands Vortex Motorsport Lola Mugen Honda 27 Flag of Germany Heinz-Harald Frentzen All
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Pacific Racing Reynard Mugen Honda 29 22px-Flag of Italy Antonio Tamburini All
30 25px-Brazilflag Christian Fittipaldi All
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom 3001 International Ralt Ford Cosworth 31 22px-Flag of France Jean-Marc Gounon All
32 22px-Flag of Italy Andrea Montermini All
22px-Flag of Italy Il Barone Rampante Reynard Mugen Honda 33 22px-Flag of Italy Alessandro Zanardi All
34 22px-Flag of Italy Giuseppe Bugatti All
22px-Flag of Italy Motor Racing Di-Wheels Leyton House Ford Cosworth 38 22px-Flag of Italy Fabiano Vandone 1-4
Ralt 5-9
Leyton House 39 25px-AustraliaFLAG Simon Kane 6-7
22px-Flag of Italy Pavesi Racing Reynard Mugen Honda 40 22px-Flag of Italy Felice Tedeschi 1-8
22px-Flag of Italy Massimiliano Angelelli 9
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom GJ Motorsport Reynard Ford Cosworth 41 22px-Flag of Italy Giovanna Amati All
42 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Dave Coyne 7

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