Buchmann-Porsche 924
aka b+b 924 Coupe
Production 1980
Class Super Luxury
Body Style Two-door Coupe
Length 4323 mm
Width 1750 mm
Height 1270 mm
Wheelbase 2402 mm
Weight 1200 KG
Transmission Four-speed Manual
Engine 2.0 litre four cylinder.
Power 140 BHP
Similar Porsche 924
Designer Carlos Sanchez

Up until 1980, Buchmann had catered solely for the super-wealthy client, producing some of the most outlandish cars at incredibly high prices. But by 1980, much of the company's core business was beginning to crumble, as the competition in the modification market hotted up. Instead of remaining a highly specialised company, Buchmann decided to build a car to suit the slightly less rich customer - based upon Porsche's entry level model, the Porsche 924

All-round ModificationsEdit

Many people voiced dismay at the small Porsche's looks. Some said that it was dull, some said it was unimaginative, and Porsche 911 owners moaned that it both looked more modern than their cars but also that it looked nothing like any other previous Porsche. b+b set about to change this with a catalogue of modifications for the diminutive Stuttgart coupe.

Firstly, and most visibly, the bodywork was changed subtly, featuring slightly wider wheel arches, along with small side-skirts and valances front and rear. The rear wings and bumper were emblazoned with the b+b logo, and the now-traditional rainbow stripe made an appearance below the rear hatch, over the roof, down both sides of the bonnet before meeting up on the badge panel. The changes were complimented by an attractive set of wider and larger BBS cross-spoke alloy wheels, with highly polished rims. The whole car sat lower thanks to modified suspension.

But the suspension was not the only mechanical modification. Under the bonnet, Buchmann liberated a few extra horses using a custom designed and built dual-exit exhaust system, which not only gave the 924 more poke but also a gruff, vibrant sound sadly devoid of the original.

The interior was tickled with the traditional Buchmann feather - bigger seats were installed, trimmed in bright fabric, along with the DINFOS electronic system and obligatory massive stereo.

Bb Logo

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