The 1963 French Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Reims-Gueux on June 30, 1963. It was the fourth round of the 1963 Formula One season.

Race report Edit

Jim Clark roared into a familiar lead from the start from Richie Ginther in the BRM. All Graham Hill's hard work in qualifying second despite mechanical problems in practice came to nothing-his engine died on the grid and he was ordered to be push started. The subsequent one minute penalty dropped him well back. Clark led dominantly, his lead being extended when a stone pierced Ginther's radiator, forcing him into the pits. Jack Brabham took second place after a strong fight with Trevor Taylor, who also suffered mechanical problems.

Brabham then began to gain significantly on Clark as the Scot's Climax engine started to splutter, however this proved to be a sporadic fault and he had enough of a lead to maintain the position. It was Brabham himself who dropped out when a lead came adrift, handing second and third to Tony Maggs and a delighted Hill. Clark was over a minute ahead of them after yet another start-to-finish victory.

Classification Edit

Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 18 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 53 2:10:54.3 1 9
2 12 22px-Flag of South Africa 1928 svg Tony Maggs Cooper-Climax 53 + 1:04.9 8 6
3 2 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Graham Hill BRM 53 + 1:13.9 2
4 6 25px-AustraliaFLAG Jack Brabham Brabham-Climax 53 + 2:15.2 5 3
5 8 USAflagsmall Dan Gurney Brabham-Climax 53 + 2:33.4 3 2
6 36 20px-Flag of Switzerland Jo Siffert Lotus-BRM 52 + 1 lap 10 1
7 30 25px-Newzealandflag Chris Amon Lola-Climax 51 + 2 laps 17
8 28 22px-Flag of France Maurice Trintignant Lotus-Climax 50 + 3 laps 15
9 32 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Innes Ireland BRP-BRM 49 + 4 laps 9
10 46 22px-Flag of Italy Lorenzo Bandini BRM 45 + 8 laps 21
11 34 USAflagsmall Jim Hall Lotus-BRM 45 + 8 laps 18
12 10 25px-Newzealandflag Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax 42 Ignition 6
13 20 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Trevor Taylor Lotus-Climax 41 Suspension 7
NC 42 USAflagsmall Phil Hill Lotus-BRM 34 Not Classified 13
NC 44 22px-Flag of Sweden Jo Bonnier Cooper-Climax 32 Not Classified 11
Ret 48 USAflagsmall Masten Gregory Lotus-BRM 30 Gearbox 19
Ret 16 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom John Surtees Ferrari 12 Fuel pump 4
Ret 38 USAflagsmall Tony Settember Scirocco-BRM 5 Wheel Bearing 20
Ret 4 USAflagsmall Richie Ginther BRM 4 Radiator 12
DNS 14 22px-Flag of Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti Ferrari Practice accident
DNS 22 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Peter Arundell Lotus-Climax Driver raced in support race
WD 26 22px-Flag of Italy Giancarlo Baghetti ATS
WD 40 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Ian Burgess Scirocco-BRM Car not ready
WD 50 25px-ARGENntina Nasif Estéfano De Tomaso Car not ready
  • Phil Hill was originally entered as car #24, to drive the ATS. When the ATS team withdrew, he switched to drive the Scuderia Filipinetti Lotus-BRM.

Notes Edit

  • Pole position: Jim Clark - 2:20.2
  • Fastest Lap: Jim Clark - 2:21.6
  • Graham Hill was push started, incurring a one minute penalty from the organisers, and was awarded no championship points for his third place

Standings after the raceEdit

Drivers' Championship standings
Pos Driver Points
1 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Jim Clark 27
2 USAflagsmall Dan Gurney 12
3 USAflagsmall Richie Ginther 11
4 25px-Newzealand flag Bruce McLaren 10
5 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Graham Hill 9
Constructors' Championship standings
Pos Constructor Points
1 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Lotus-Climax 28
2 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Cooper-Climax 16
3 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom BRM 14
4 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Brabham-Climax 13
5 22px-Flag of Italy Ferrari 7
  • Notes: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.

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  • "The Formula One Record Book", John Thompson, 1974.
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