1953 American Championship Car season
Series  : NASCAR Speedway Division
Champion : Pete Allen
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The 1953 NASCAR Speedway Division consisted of three races, beginning in Greensboro, North Carolina on June 12 and concluding in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 28. There were also two non-championship events. The season champion was Pete Allen. This was the final season of the NASCAR Speedway Division. Every driver was American racecar driver and every race in the USA.


Rnd Date Race Name Length Track Location Type Winning Driver
NC February 12 Daytona Beach
Time Trial
2 miles
(3.2 km)
Daytona Beach
Road Course
Daytona Beach,
Sand Buck Baker
1 June 12 Greensboro 25 8.333 miles
(13.4 km)
Greensboro Agricultural
North Carolina
Dirt Wally Campbell
2 June 14 Martinsville 25 12.5 miles
(20.1 km)
Martinsville Speedway Martinsville,
Dirt Wayne Alspaugh
NC June 27 Hickory 30 12 miles
(19.3 km)
Hickory Motor Speedway Hickory,
North Carolina
Dirt Dick Fraizer
3 June 28 Fayetteville 25 8.333 miles
(13.4 km)
Champion Speedway Fayetteville,
North Carolina
Paved Pete Allen

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Final points standingsEdit

 #  Driver Team Car Points
1 Pete Allen 333
2 Ralph Liguori Lincoln Special 330
3 Al Fleming J. B. Siegfred Hudson Special 312
4 Mickey Fenn Leland Colvin Ford Special 292
5 Tex Keene Al Wheatley Mercury Special 277
6 Red Amick 243
7 Wayne Alspaugh 230
8 Tom Cherry Cherry Mercury Special 190
9 Al Keller W. W. Burroughs Cadillac Special 180
10 Jimmy Thompson Bob Colvin Ford Special 169

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