1941 American Championship Car season
Series  : AAA Championship Car
Champion : USAflagsmall Rex Mays
Previous: 1940 Next: 1946

The 1941 AAA Championship Car season consisted of three races, beginning in Speedway, Indiana on May 30 and concluding in Syracuse, New York on September 1. There was also one non-championship event in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The AAA National Champion was Rex Mays and the Indianapolis 500 winners were Floyd Davis and Mauri Rose. The National Championship was not held again until 1946, due to World War II.

Schedule and resultsEdit

All races running on Paved/Dirt Oval.

Rnd Date Race Name Track Type Pole Position Winning Driver
1 May 30 USAflagsmall International 500
Mile Sweepstakes
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Paved USAflagsmall Mauri Rose USAflagsmall Floyd Davis
USAflagsmall Mauri Rose A
NC June 22 USAflagsmall Langhorne 100 Langhorne Speedway Dirt USAflagsmall Duke Nalon
2 August 24 USAflagsmall Milwaukee 100 Wisconsin State Fair Park Speedway Dirt USAflagsmall Rex Mays USAflagsmall Rex Mays
3 September 1 USAflagsmall Syracuse 100 New York State Fairgrounds Dirt USAflagsmall Rex Mays USAflagsmall Rex Mays


A - Floyd Davis and Mauri Rose shared a drive, but Davis received the National Championship points as the starting driver.

Leading National Championship standingsEdit

 #  Driver Team Points
1 Rex Mays Bowes Seal Fast 1225
2 Ted Horn Ted Horn Engineering 675
3 Ralph Hepburn Bowes Seal Fast 550
4= Floyd Davis 450
4= Cliff Bergere Noc-Out Hose Clamp 450


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