The 1933 Italian Grand Prix (formally the XI Gran Premio d'Italia) was a Grand Prix motor race held at Monza on 10 September 1933. The race was held over 50 laps of a 10.000 km circuit for a total race distance of 500.000 km and was won by Luigi Fagioli driving an Alfa Romeo.

Starting Grid (4-4-4): Positions DrawnEdit

Grid Driver Grid Driver Grid Driver Grid Driver
1 Eugenio Siena 2 Luigi Premoli 3 Jean Gaupillat 4 Robert Brunet
5 Luigi Fagioli 6 Luigi Castelbarco 7 Piero Taruffi 8 Clemente Biondetti
9 Ernesto Maserati 10 Tazio Nuvolari 11 Lelio Pellegrini 12 Louis Chiron
13 Goffredo Zehender 14 Francis Howe 15 Antonio Brivio 16 Pietro Ghersi
17 Guy Moll 18 Whitney Straight 19 Renato Balestrero 20 Marcel Lehoux


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retire
1 12 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo B (8C-2600) 50 2h51m41.0
2 28 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Tazio Nuvolari Maserati 8CM (8C-3000) 50 2h52m21.2
3 34 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Goffredo Zehender Maserati 8CM (8C-3000) 48 +2 laps
4 52 22px-Flag of France Marcel Lehoux Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 47 +3 laps
SHR 4 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Eugenio Siena Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 47 +3 laps
SHR 4 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Antonio Brivio Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 47 +3 laps
6 16 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Luigi Castelbarco Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 47 +3 laps
7 42 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Pietro Ghersi Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 47 +3 laps
8 46 22px-Flag of France Guy Moll Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 46 +4 laps
9 50 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Renato Balestrero Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 44 +6 laps
10 10 22px-Flag of France Robert Brunet Bugatti T51 43 +7 laps
11 48 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Whitney Straight Maserati 26M (8C-2500) 43 +7 laps
12 38 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Francis Howe Bugatti T51 41 +9 laps
13 30 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Lelio Pellegrini Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 39 +11 laps
Ret 32 25px-Monacoflag Louis Chiron Alfa Romeo B (8C-2600) 42 Exhaust pipe
Ret 40 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Antonio Brivio Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 25 Did Not Finish
Ret 22 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Piero Taruffi Maserati 8CM (8C-3000) 25 Crash
Ret 8 22px-Flag of France Jean Gaupillat Bugatti T51 9 Did Not Finish
Ret 24 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Clemente Biondetti MB Speciale Maserati 8C-3000 8 Did Not Finish
Ret 6 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Luigi Premoli PBM Maserati 8C-3000 6 Did Not Finish
DNS 26 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Ernesto Maserati Maserati 8C-3000 Did Not Start
DNS 2 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Giuseppe Campari Alfa Romeo B (8C-2600)
DNS 14 22px-Flag of Austria Walter von Wüstrow Bugatti T35C
DNS 18 Flag of Germany Raymond Sommer Alfa Romeo 8C-2300
DNS 20 22px-Flag of the Czech Republic Charlie Jelle Alfa Romeo 8C-2300
DNS 36 22px-Flag of Poland Stanislas Czaykowski Bugatti T54
DNS 44 Flag of Germany Paul Pietsch Alfa Romeo 8C-2300

Fastest Lap: Luigi Fagioli, 3m13.2 (186.34 kph)


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