The 1927 Spanish Grand Prix (formally the IV Gran Premio de España) was a Formula Libre motor race held at Circuito Lasarte on 31 July 1927. The race was held over 40 laps of a 17.315 km, for a total race distance of 692.600 km. The race was won by Robert Benoist driving a Delage.


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retire
1 6 Robert Benoist Delage 155B 40 5h20m45
2 9 Caberto Conelli Bugatti 39A 40 5h23m02
3 10 Edmond Bourlier Delage 155B 40 5h28m12
Ret 12 André Dubonnet
Louis Chiron
Bugatti 39A 36 Mechanical
Ret 4 Emilio Materassi Bugatti 39A 31 Crash
Ret 14 André Morel Delage 155B 15 Mechanical
Ret 8 Ignacio Palacio Maserati 26 (8C-1500) 5 Engine
DNP Louis Chiron Bugatti 39A Reserve driver
DNP "Sabipa" Bugatti 39A Reserve driver
DNP André Dubonnet Bugatti 39A Reserve driver
DNP Robert Senechal Delage 155B Reserve driver
DNP Guy Bouriat Delage 155B Reserve driver
DNP Alfieri Maserati Maserati 26 Reserve driver
DNA 1 Albert Divo Talbot 700 Team retired from racing
DNA 2 de Sota Maserati 26 (8C-1500) Did not appear
DNA 3 George Eyston Halford Did not appear
DNA 5 Jean Graf Jean Graf — La Perle Did not appear
DNA 7 "Williams" Talbot 700 Team retired from racing
DNA 11 Louis Wagner Talbot 700 Team retired from racing

Fastest Lap: Robert Benoist, 7m33 (137.60 kph)


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